Sat. Jun 3rd, 2023

Official teaser trailer for Hymn

Bioware’s next attempt at gamer redemption was finally revealed at a pre-E3 press conference on Saturday, and it has a name: Hymn.

Unsurprisingly, details on this all-new Bioware IP are scarce at this point, with just a short teaser trailer shown at the EA Play press conference in Hollywood. The 53-second glimpse Bioware uploaded to YouTube shows humans (or humanoids) in a jungle world preparing to defend their walled city from half-seen monsters. The narrator sounds like a finalist in a Charlize Theron impersonation contest.

Bioware’s primary Mass Effect development team has been working on Hymn (formerly codename) Dylan) for a few years, which meant that Mass Effect’s development duties were handed over to another Bioware studio. The most recent result of that transfer, Mass Effect: Andromedalaunched to mixed reactions.

Bioware told the EA Play audience to expect more details and potential gameplay during Sunday’s official Xbox E3 press conference.

List image by Bioware

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