Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023

PlayStation Mobile was Sony’s attempt to open up the closed PlayStation Vita game store to a more open selection of independent games in the style of Google Play or the iOS App Store. Instead of going through the restrictive approval process to get to the main PSN page, any developer can easily become a Vita developer by publishing their game on PlayStation Mobile (where it can also be played on certain Sony-approved mobile devices).

That experiment comes to an end today. As Sony announced in March, July 15 is the last day Vita owners can purchase games from the service. In-app purchases and re-downloads will work until September 10, but after that these games can only be played on systems that previously downloaded them, waiting for the day when bit rot and hardware failures finally make them extinct (some promising titles that premiered on PlayStation Mobile, such as Alien Breed, Aqua Kitty, Surge, Switch Galaxyand Lemming’s Touch—will live on through fuller releases on the main PSN storefront, and others have been ported to other platforms).

I haven’t played all the dozens and dozens of titles available on PlayStation Mobile, but I’ve dug into quite a few over the past few days, driven by word of mouth and online critics to find the diamonds in the rough before they’re buried for good. The above gallery highlights a few PlayStation Mobile games worth investing a few bucks in before they disappear forever. Buying them all will still cost you less than a single AAA game and complete your Vita library with a good dose of indie ingenuity.

To get these games, go to the PlayStation Mobile section of the PlayStation Store on your Vita and browse the genre section indicated in the caption. Annoyingly, you can’t buy these games through a web browser, nor can you just search directly for the title of the game. Also, make sure to activate your device for PlayStation Mobile in the Vita’s system settings menu following the instructions outlined here. It’s not clear exactly when Sony will be shutting down the PlayStation Mobile servers (“after July 15, 2015” is a bit vague), so hurry and get them while you still can.

PlayStation Mobile fans feel free to leave your favorites in the comments.

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