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On Thursday, 48 hours after the world finally saw what this November was Sonic the hedgehog live-action movie would look like, the director took to Twitter with a surprising announcement: That’s, uh, not what the live-action movie will look like.

“Thanks for the Support”, Film Director Jeff Fowler posted on Twitter on Thursday afternoon. “And the criticism. The message is loud and clear… you’re not happy with the design and you want changes. It’s going to happen.”

After acknowledging the support of movie studio Paramount and game company Sega, Fowler added a pretty telling hashtag: “#gottafixfast.” It’s not just a riff on the series’ iconic “gotta go fast” slogan,” but rather a stark admission that Fowler’s vague suggestion for a “changed design” rushes through six months. is still slated for a November 8, 2019 release, and will be Fowler’s lengthy directorial debut.

Fowler’s tweet ignores months of public questions and comments about the live-action Sonic design. The murmurs and frowns started last December when the film’s premiere poster debuted, featuring a silhouette of the redesigned gaming mascot: long, thin legs and all. The redesign ran headlong into years of 2D and 3D renditions of the character in a multimedia landscape of video games, comic books, puppets and animated series, and it followed a previous teaser poster that showed a real-life city from the perspective of Sonic’s cross, highlighting the long, thin legs of his new design.

Of this week Sonic the hedgehog movie trailer, which may soon become a relic.

Complaints peaked when a series of promotional slides about the Sonic film, prepared by an affiliated promotion company, leaked in early March. The movie’s trailer has since confirmed the accuracy of those March footage, though that leak didn’t include a particularly gut-wrenching detail: live-action Sonic’s jaw dropping, a first for the character since its introduction in 1991.

This week’s Sonic movie trailer appeared as did promotions for the following week Pokémon: Detective Pikachu stage movie. While longtime Pokémon fans might be wary of the CGI versions of certain characters, those fans certainly dodged a bullet compared to Sonic’s diehards. P:DP adds a handful of sometimes beautiful, sometimes strange real-life effects to the character renderings, but their designs go beyond the 3D specs that series developer Game Freak established and refined in years of games dating back to the N64 era.

Since the leak of the new Sonic design, original members of the Sonic the hedgehog 1 development team have expressed their own conflicting views on the matter. After the March leak, serial programmer Yuji Naka said he was “shocked” by the redesign and was particularly baffled by why the character’s hands were covered in white fur, rather than being covered in gloves. Another naka tweet expressed hope that a live-action Sonic would eventually conform to the “rounder” head and eye shape of its original design.

Meanwhile, shortly before Fowler’s change of heart, original series artist Naoto Ohshima posted his own sketch of the new live-action design (shown above). The skit’s caption includes support for the film and concerns about reflexive reactions: “I expected adults to have fun too. I’m concerned.”

In the meantime, we’re waiting for next week’s live action Detective Pikachu really filming breaks the “video game curse” about movie adaptations, I recommend enjoying last year’s rampage— which doesn’t necessarily break that curse, but at least has a damn good time playing fast and loose with its ’80s arcade inspirations.

List image by Paramount/Sega

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