Sat. Feb 4th, 2023
$80 2DS makes access to Nintendo's massive portable library cheaper than ever

Nintendo continues to cut the price floor for access to its vast ecosystem of dual-screen portable games. The company announced today that it would begin selling the slate-sized Nintendo 2DS for $80 on May 20, along with a pre-installed copy of mario kart 7.

The 2DS is definitely the low-cost option to access the full library of 3DS games (and backward compatible original DS games). That’s been the case since it launched in 2013 for $130 and dropped to $100 last summer. However, that low price comes with some compromises compared to the traditional 3DS line, including a lack of stereoscopic 3D, a non-foldable design with slightly awkward button positioning and a smaller screen than the “XL” line. The 2DS also doesn’t play the few games that require the “new 3DS” chipset.

Still, the 2DS is a pretty good deal compared to the $200 Nintendo charges for a premium New 3DS XL these days, and it’s cheaper than even a $120 used 3DS from GameStop. If you haven’t jumped on a Nintendo portable yet, $80 is a great price to get access to over 500 3DS games, thousands of original DS games, and hundreds of downloadable Virtual Console titles from Nintendo’s back catalog. That list contains at least a few dozen games that are really good (we recommend Super Mario 3D world, Animal Crossing: New Leafand Fire Emblem: Awaken just to start). Plus, we hear there’s a new one pokemon game coming…

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